Carbon steel pipe uses

Carbon steel pipe is one of the most used steel pipe types. This type of steel is created by the addition of carbon to iron. Alloying materials are common these days but carbon is most used additive in the industry. Carbon steel pipe also contain other elements in trace quantities and yet be identified as carbon steel. The other alloys could be allowed to some minimum quantities as designated by the standards such as the AISI.

Carbon steel is stronger than the ordinary steel and has some extent of corrosion resistance. Also carbon steel is less expensive compared to alloy steels of other types. The carbon steel is easily weldable. But it could be produced as ERW or seamless forms. The applications include low cost and domestic applications such as water lines, low cost power generation plants and sea water applications. Waste water purifications systems and less corrosive environments use Carbon steel pipe in their components. The most used industry is the structural engineering and construction industry where the strength could be utilized to the fullest. The seamless carbon steel pipe is cold drawn so that it could be made stronger after application by some cold working techniques. There are different grades which are used in the construction industry. The grading is governed by different standards and organizations but they all conform to similar requirements. The A53 Grade B Pipe is one of the most used because its price is very much convincing. The cost is reduced very much by replacing carbon steel material in place of other alloy materials whenever the application permits.


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