Choosing Solar Energy Programmes Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Everyone knows about solar energy panels and how good they are for both the environment and for saving people a lot of money on their utility bills. In many areas, including Australia, the government is helping homeowners purchase these panels by offering various low-interest loans and subsidies so that affording the systems is a lot easier. The programme is also available for most small businesses, and the government has dedicated a lot of money towards it so that as many people as possible can be accommodated. Solar power is smart to use for many reasons, but many people are reluctant to switch to this type of energy plan because of the costs associated with it. Now, however, this is much easier to do because switching to sustainable energy is much more affordable.

Making it Both Easier and Less Expensive for the Consumer

A lot of consumers want to switch to solar power, and now they can, thanks to the government’s programme that makes it much less expensive to do so. The government has devoted $100 million to the subsidies and $100 million to the loans to make the programme more affordable for everyone. In many instances, the subsidies apply only to the home battery system, since this system is generally a little on the expensive side. The solar battery provider that you choose also has to meet certain requirements set by the government, but once you find the right company, the rest is easy. The subsidy itself looks at the battery’s kilowatt hour capacity, and this is how the dollar amount is calculated. The cap for each household is $6,000 per battery, with a maximum of $600 per kilowatt hour for energy concession holders and $500 for all other households.

Why All These Regulations?

The government wants people to switch to solar power, but they also want the systems that they purchase to be safe for the homeowners and for everyone else. This is the main reason for the regulations, which aren’t exactly complex or difficult to abide by. The programme is beneficial for citizens, jobs, power plants, and of course, the environment. Choosing clean, sustainable energy is smart for many reasons, and one of its biggest advantages is to pay for itself in just a short period of time. Solar panels allow you to start seeing reductions in your utility bill immediately, and they are not small reductions. If you have ever considered switching from regular energy to solar energy, now is the perfect time to do so. When the money supplied by the government runs out, it is gone for good, so making a decision quickly is your smartest option. After all, if you’re going to switch to solar energy anyway, why not do it now and have its use and installation cost you a lot less?

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