How Is CRO Connected With Traffic And Sales?

The top three factors that affect a website’s conversion rate are content, website design, and website loading speed. Unless you have top-quality content written on your site, design it properly, make sure it takes under one second to load on smartphones and desktops, and follows all the search engine rules, there is no way you can witness a good conversion rate. Even after all these adjustments, you need to make sure that CTA buttons are inserted at the right spots. With all these changes, you can easily get more traffic & sales with conversion rate optimisation.

The above information depicts clearly that content, website design, and loading speed have a huge impact on the conversion rate. Overall, it’s how you make viewers feel when they land on your website determines whether they convert into paying customers or not. The same rule applies to SEO as well. By making the above three changes, you can easily improve your search rankings and attract tens of thousands of organic views. When visitors land on your website and find the information they were looking for, they go on to take the action as per your wish and play their part in increasing your sales numbers.

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