The Three Pillars of SEO

Search engine optimisation is the process of maximising users to your website by pushing your website to the top of a search engine’s ranking. For example, there may be 100 businesses that offer HVAC services in the Bangkok area. However, only 23 of those businesses are taking advantage of SEO.

When potential customers search “HVAC services in Bangkok” on their smart devices, they will see a list of HVAC service websites populate. The top of this list will consist of the 23 businesses using SEO. The other 77 businesses will sink to the bottom or later pages.

Increase Visibility

Customers are more likely to choose a business for their services or products that have a higher ranking. This is because they feel that the search engine populated the most relevant and trustworthy businesses. It is also because it is more convenient to look through the top few results rather than the top 100 results. If your business cannot be seen, it will suffer financially.

An SEO specialist in Thailand will implement SEO so your website will be seen. They will work to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. They can generate reports to show you how your increased visibility correlates to sales. When you hire a specialist, it is an investment. While it may feel expensive to hire services, you will soon discover the long-term benefits.

Team of Specialists

Search engine optimisation is a fluid process. It is constantly changing. The CEOs of popular search engines are regularly updating the algorithms to keep content fresh. SEO processes are now placing a heavier element on the combination of content, social media, and links.

It is extremely difficult to maintain these three pillars. An SEO company has a team of experienced specialists that will unify your digital content, social media, and links.


A social media account that goes unused is more detrimental to your company than not having a social media account. Customers and potential customers like having the option to contact your company directly through social media. If you do not have someone responding to messages, customers will feel ignored.

SEO companies often offer digital marketing and maintenance. SEO is only one service. They will help you to digitally market and create a professional yet personal brand. You can address your daily business operations and human resource issues while the professionals address the digital platforms.

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