Tips to Improve the Working Environment

Thanks in-part to giant tech companies such as Google and other disrupters, what makes for the ideal working environment these days exists as a far-cry from what we would have witnessed at around the height of the Industrial Revolution and for many decades afterwards. While the legacy of the Industrial Revolution still appears to affect the modern day corporate and academic worlds, more and more employers are paying attention to emerging factors that affect productivity in the modern day world, such as all the elements which come together to make for the ideal working environment.

Taking a leaf out of the books of the likes of Google, Facebook, Zappos, etc, some top tips on what constitutes a good working environment can be extracted, which can be used to improve your existing place of work for your employees. It goes way beyond the physical infrastructure planning aspects you’d naturally take into account, like picking out commercial flooring tiles based on their durability.

Create open and dynamic spaces

Design-wise, you want the workplace to inherently have that feeling that it could change at any moment. You want to create open and dynamic spaces that strike a balance between the kind of stability which encourages productivity and the kind of working space that fosters creativity. So instead of having closed-off offices for each employee, for instance, a communal office plan would probably be better, fully-kitted with desktop spaces employees can use when busy with individual tasks, but these spaces would have to be within quick and easy reach of working spaces that are better suited to group activities and tasks.

Switching between their individual task and fully engaging in a group task should be as easy as a swing of the chair, for each employee, for example.

Focus on functional decor design and arrangement

There’s no doubt about the fact that commercial space design needs to be markedly different to your domestic spaces, such as how you might draw inspiration from the somewhat industrial feel characteristic of shop flooring as opposed to say living-room flooring. With your workplace flooring and other interior decor elements, it’s more about functionality than appearance, although this doesn’t mean the presentation should be neglected completely.

A clean look which doesn’t draw too much attention will do, because at the end of the day you don’t want to encourage too much comfort. It is after all a place of work.

Make it a healthy, happy working environment

Ensuring your employees go about their work in a healthy working environment is all about paying attention to their working habits in relation to the external environmental factors. When it comes to commercial flooring tiles make for a natural pick for the durability they offer, but they can get particularly cold during the winter season. In that case the dynamism spoken of earlier should be taken into account, resulting in the deployment of something like commercial, temporary carpeting for the colder months. This would not only make for a hassle-free way to adapt the working environment, making it more comfortable and keep it healthy, but will also achieve this in a way that doesn’t add too much to your operational costs. You’d be spending less on the would-be heating bill, for instance.

Cultivate a workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being. Implement wellness programs, mental health initiatives, and support systems to foster a positive and thriving work environment.

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