What Are Wall Protector Panels?

There are many reasons to use wall protector panels, but the most obvious is that they protect walls from accidents. Kids have high energy and are very accident-prone, so protecting your walls is important. Investing in wall protection will pay for itself in no time and save you a considerable amount of money in repairs. This is especially true in gyms, where heavy equipment can scratch and scuff the walls. Whether it’s from a broom or a weight set, the wall protector will provide peace of mind and save you money.

Poly stone

Poly stone wall protector panels are a great solution for protecting walls in hospitals and medical facilities. These panels are made from PE, a material that is easy to clean and durable, and will protect walls from bumps caused by hospital equipment, chairs, or pump trucks. They are available in standard lengths and colors.


Acrovyn wall protection is an extremely robust and versatile wall covering that is available in three specialized types. It provides superior impact protection and beautiful aesthetics. In high-traffic environments, walls that are left unprotected will show blemishes and signs of abuse quickly. This includes contact with cleaning caddies, shopping trolleys, furniture, and other elements. Because of this, it is important to maintain the quality of your walls on a regular basis.

Acrovyn wall covering is available in a variety of solid colors and woodgrains. The panels come in 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 10′ sheets. There are also woodgrain and brushed metal styles available. You can even have contrasting reveal colors.

Acrovyn wall panels are available in two thicknesses, making them ideal for interior areas that experience daily use. In addition to offering heavy-duty protection, they are available in more than 30 patterns and 64 solid colors. They are also available in simulated wood and metal, which will make them the perfect complement to many interior designs.

Metal corner guards

Corner guards protect walls by covering corners and edges. These panels come in a variety of styles and can be made of several different materials. Some types are designed to look like light oak or clear. They offer exceptional durability and are resistant to stains and mold. Some are made from up to 90% recycled materials.

Stainless steel corner guards are ideal for high-hygiene facilities. These panels are designed to reduce bacterial growth on the bottoms of walls. They also protect against paint removal and cracking. These metal corner guards are also used for decorative purposes. They are available in various sizes and are useful for large areas.

The price of corner guards varies, depending on the material used and usage area. Some are made of stainless steel, which offers chemical resistance and anti-corrosive properties. They are suitable for use in science labs, healthcare facilities, and food service facilities.


When installing planks on wall protector panels, it’s important to consider the direction in which the planks will run. If you’re installing diagonally, for example, apply planks in an ‘S’ pattern. This allows for expansion and contraction. If you want to cover two sides of a wall with a pattern, you can use a small piece of Provincial Plank.

Tongue and groove panels are available in different wood species, from cheap pine to more expensive cedar. Compared to shiplap, tongue and groove panels are tougher to install, but they form a seal and protect your walls from the elements. If you’re looking for character, plank walls are an excellent choice. They feel like a real wood wall and add character to your home. You may want to consider a DIY project rather than a professional installer, since planks on an existing wall are more susceptible to damage.

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