Commodity Market Manipulation – Abnormal Cotton Chaos Considered

It’s really no question that individuals get upset with how are you affected in Chicago with the commodity market manipulation, it’s as though they run under separate rules, and employ their cash streams and clout to produce contrived debate in media to reduce or raise prices when needed, then secure large trades to take advantage of the mess they have stirred up. Okay so, let us talk.

All of us saw the Hollywood Movie “To the long run II” where Biff increased up and controlled all of the commodity markets, stock markets, gambling, and whoever else, really everything grew to become one. Sure a cartoonish, imaginary type spoof, however bathed the truth is believe it or not. Well, when we consider what’s going on today within our stock and commodities markets, it appears very real as art and reality are blended into something you want did not exist. Within the stock markets we constantly have market making insider traders, frequency buying and selling, and market manipulation.

It’s all regulated happening similarly within the commodities market. On August 31, 2012 the Wall Street Journal printed articles “Plague of Damaged Contracts Frays Cotton Market,” by Michael Rothfeld and Carolyn Cui. Apparently, the amount of “arbitrated cases received through the Worldwide Cotton Association” has skyrocketed within the last 18-several weeks.

Operators of mills and maqui berry farmers which have been under financial pressure couldn’t meet their obligations within the contracts they have signed, now are trying to walk-away. Now you could blame the maqui berry farmers and operators of cotton mills, but let us think back in the commodity manipulation happening. Now then, clearly you want the maqui berry farmers and individuals that own the cotton mills to recognition their contracts, but there should be some trust there too.

If all of the commodity buying and selling boys in Chicago are busy scraping all of the cream from the top and forcing maqui berry farmers and cotton mills into personal bankruptcy, then there’s no choice there, and there’s no trust. Without trust the commodity markets cannot operate easily and efficiently. And when they cannot do this, then clearly the commodity market traders aren’t needed. When we are earning money, from products they did not create through manipulating a method which is designed to create streamlined markets for consumers nobody is offered.

Everybody loses within this situation, aside from the traitor (Freudian slip) who manipulated the marketplace through sneaky tactics to sliding from the hands and a few dishonest trades to make a killing. Possibly it is time we relook at just how the machine works, and connect it. And we have to repair it before we launch into some crazy carbon credit CO2 pollution commodity venue. Please consider all of this and think onto it.

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